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AI in Make

Imagine tools that can understand and respond to natural language, can "see" and analyze images, and can even generate images on their own. These are just a few examples of what AI brings to the table. With Make, you don't have to be a coding genius to build these integrations and automate with them. We've got you covered. Whether you're a tech guru or simply curious about AI, Make is here to empower you to create amazing things with artificial intelligence.

Make lets you take advantage of artificial intelligence (AI) in two ways:

  • AI integrations

  • AI Assistant

AI integrations are apps available in your scenarios. You can use OpenAI, Google Cloud Vision, Eleven Labs, Eden AI, and Cloudinary to do tasks like summarize emails, personalize introduction messages, convert text to audio files, and more. See the list of available apps below and go to our templates gallery for ready-made scenarios.

AI Assistant helps you build scenarios. Just click + Create a new scenario, tell AI Assistant what you want and it adds the modules you need. Check out the video introduction: