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Dropbox Sign


HelloSign is now rebranded as Dropbox Sign.

With the Dropbox Sign modules in Make, you can:

  • send, retrieve, cancel, and list the signature requests and templates

  • create, retrieve, list, and delete the templates

  • delete your teams

  • watch events

  • call APIs

To get started with Dropbox Sign, create an account at

For the list of endpoints, refer to the Dropox Sign API documentation.

Connect Dropbox Sign to Make

To connect the Dropbox Sign app with the Make:

  1. Log in to your Make and add a module from the Dropbox Sign into a Make scenario.

  2. Click Add next to the Connection field.

  3. Optional: In the Connection name field, enter a name for the connection and click Save.

  4. If prompted, log in to your Dropbox Sign account and click Accept to authorize Make to access your Dropbox Sign account.

You have successfully connected the Dropbox Sign app with Make and can now build scenarios.

Build Dropbox Sign Scenarios

After connecting the app, you can perform the following actions:

  • Send a Signature Request

    Creates and sends a new signature request with the submitted documents.

  • Send a Signature Request with a Template

    Creates and sends a new signature request based on a template.

  • Cancel an Incomplete Signature Request

    Cancels an incomplete signature request. This action is not reversible.

  • Sends a Request Reminder

    Sends an email to the signer reminding them to sign the signature request.

  • Get a Signature Request

    Retrieves a signature request.

  • List Signature Requests

    Retrieves all signature requests (both inbound and outbound) you have access to.

  • Get Signature Request Files

    Retrieves a copy of the documents belonging to a signature request.

  • Create a Template Using an Existing Template

    Creates a new template using the overlay of an existing template.

  • Get a Template

    Retrieves a template.

  • List Templates

    Retrieves the list of templates that are accessible to you.

  • Get Template Files

    Retrieves a copy of a template's original files.

  • Delete a Template

    Deletes the specified template.

  • Delete your Team

    Deletes your team.

  • Watch Events

    Watch all events involving your account.

  • Make an API Call

    Performs an arbitrary authorized API call.