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Book Like a Boss

With the Book Like a Boss modules in Make, you can watch bookings created, updated, and rescheduled.

To get started with Book Like a Boss, create an account at

Setting up Boss Like a Boss webhooks

This app makes use of webhooks to instantly trigger a scenario when an event occurs.

To set up a webhook:

  1. Log in to your Make, add any Boss Like a Boss module, click Add, copy the URL address to your clipboard, click OK, and save the scenario.

  2. Log in to your Book Like a Boss account.

  3. Click Other Settings > Integrations and in the Manage Webhooks section, click Add.

  4. Add the details, and click Add.

    • Optional: In the Name field, enter a name for the webhook.

    • In the Callback URL field, enter the URL address copied in step 1

    • Select the event you want to watch. For example, Created, Canceled, and Rescheduled.


You have successfully added webhooks to your account.


For information on webhooks, see Boss Like a Boss API documentation.