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The Bitly modules enable you to shorten links, expand links and list links in your Bitly account.

Getting Started with Bitly


  • A Bitly account

In order to use Bitly with Make, it is necessary to have a Bitly account. If you do not have one, you can create a Bitly account at


The module dialog fields that are displayed in bold (in the Make scenario, not in this documentation article) are mandatory!

Connecting Bitly to Make

To connect your Bitly account to Make follow the general instructions for Connecting to services.Connecting Make to any web service

After you click the Continue button, Make will redirect you to the Bitly website where you will be prompted to grant Make access to your account.


Confirm the dialog by clicking the Allow button.


Shorten URL

Shortens entered URL to the Bitlink.


Establish a connection to your Bitly account.

Long URL

Enter the URL you want to convert to the short link.


Select the organization that contains a group you want to use.


Select or map the group you want to shorten the link on behalf of.

Make an API Call

Allows you to perform a custom API call.


Establish a connection to your Bitly account.


Enter a path relative to E.g. /v4/groups

For the list of available endpoints, refer to the Bitly API v4 Documentation.


Select the HTTP method you want to use:

  • GET - to retrieve information for an entry.

  • POST - to create a new entry.

  • PUT - to update/replace an existing entry.

  • PATCH - to make a partial entry update.

  • DELETE - to delete an entry.


Enter the desired request headers. You don't have to add authorization headers; we already did that for you.

Query String

Enter the request query string.


Enter the body content for your API call.