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Facebook Ads Campaign Management

With Facebook Ads Campaign Management modules in Make, you can monitor, list, and update campaigns, ads, and ad sets, retrieve estimates, and search for ad interests and locations in your Facebook account.

To get started with Facebook Ads Campaign Management, you must have a Facebook Business page with an Ads Manager account.

Connect Facebook Ads Campaign Management to Make

  1. Log in to your Make account, add a Facebook Ads Campaign Management module to your scenario, and click Create a connection.

  2. Optional: In the Connection name field, enter a name for the connection.

  3. Optional: Click Show advanced settings and enter your custom app client credentials. Refer to the Meta Create an App documentation for more information.

    Note: Use the following Redirect URI:

  4. Click Save.

  5. If prompted, authenticate your account and confirm access.

You have successfully established the connection. You can now edit your scenario and add more Facebook Ads Campaign Management modules. If your connection requires reauthorization at any point, follow the connection renewal steps here.

Build Facebook Ads Campaign Management Scenarios

After connecting the app, you can perform the following actions:

  • Watch Campaigns

  • List Campaigns

  • Update a Campaign

    Note: To update an iOS 14 campaign, select Yes in the Is SKAdNetwork Attribution field.

Ad Set
  • Watch Ads

  • List Ads

  • Update an Ad

    Note: In the Conversation Domain field, include only first and second level domains, not the full URL. For example,

  • Get a Reach Estimate

  • Search Ad Interests

  • Search Locations

Additional Information


Refer to the Meta Marketing Currency Codes documentation for information regarding currency codes and offsets to be used when entering currencies in Make.

For example: When entering a Daily Budget for an account in USD, input 10000 for a budget of 100 USD. For an account in JPY, Input 30000 for the budget of 30000.

Bid Strategies:

Refer to the Meta Marketing Bid Strategy documentation for information regarding big strategy types.

Required Permissions:

Required permissions for all modules are as follows: business_management, ads_management.

EU Digital Services Act (DSA) Compliance

To comply with the EU Digital Services Act (DSA), you must include information regarding ad beneficiary and payer when updating ads targeting the EU or associated territories. If your ad targets this audience, ensure to include the following information when using the Update an Ad and Update an Ad Set modules:


Required Field


Update an Ad

Add Set ID

Select the DSA (EU Digital Services Act) option.

Update an Ad Set

DSA (EU Digital Services Act) Payer

Enter the person or organization paying for the ad set.

Update an Ad Set

DSA (EU Digital Services Act) Beneficiary

Enter the person or organization benefiting from the ad set.